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VP of Creative Services | Austin, TX

ADDY AWARD WINNER | Change Isn’t Always Good | Aspen Heights

ADDY AWARD WINNER | Change Isn’t Always Good | Aspen Heights

This was created for our “Change isn’t Always Good” lease renewal campaign at Aspen Heights. Our goal was to play off of current social trends in order to convey the idea that change isn’t always good; in our case, giving up a designer handbag and opting for a fanny pack is comparable to leaving Aspen Heights for a lesser student housing complex. These changes aren’t always good, so savor the same and renew your lease at Aspen Heights.

Because it was very important for the viewer to focus solely on the item comparison, I opted for a minimalist design, utilizing a neutral background color and proper usage of negative space in order to force the viewer to see only the items. In order to connect the copy to the imagery and to remove the possibility of monotony between the many pieces of this campaign, I implemented the color scheme based on the items being displayed. This campaign was launched on social media platforms as well as various email blasts.

Comparisons included, but were not limited to:

  • A designer handbag to a fanny pack
  • Flip flops to Crocs
  • A standard dumbbell to a Shake Weight
  • A traditional sandwich to a Double Down
  • A blanket to a Snuggie

Campaign Parts:

  • Flyers, 8.5″ x 11″
  • Posters, 11″ x 17″
  • Email Marketing Header Images
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Posts
  • Magazine Advertisements